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Trees that are not properly maintained can pose a great danger to people and property, especially during a storm outbreak. Earlier tree removal does not only exempt you from cleaning up tree debris left behind by a storm, it also prevents accidents from happening.

Stump Grinding Service

Power Outages

Unfortunately, trees are usually the cause of power outages during a storm. A tree may not cause much trouble while it’s still small, but if it grows tall enough, it may reach power lines. To ensure your safety, consider tree removal before a storm hits.


Backyard Destruction                                                                                                                             

Your beautiful landscape won’t be the only thing at risk when a tree falls down. It can destroy any structures and landscape features in your yard. Think about how much time, effort, and money will be put to waste if your beautiful backyard becomes a complete disaster.
Feel free to call us at Harris Tree Service to get rid of weak trees in your property. We also provide services in stump grinding at a more comfortable rate. We are based in Portland, IN. Hire us now!


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