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Keep Your Trees Healthy: Book a Tree Care Service

Trees add a great deal of beauty to any outdoor space. They can enhance the quality of the air circulating around its surroundings. Trees, on the other hand, while it may be beneficial, it also require tons of effort for maintenance. That is why if you are a tree owner or if you have several trees in your lawn, it is best to do away with such cumbersome task. Call a tree care service provider to handle the needs of your trees.

If your property is somewhere in Portland, IN, contact Harris Tree Service. We offer a variety of tree care services that many property owners in the area frequently avail of. The reason for the trust that we have gained from our previous clients is rooted in our dedication to excellence. Plus, we always strive to accommodate the needs of each of our client by asking for their preferences and examining their trees to give them proper advise on what needs to be done.

We can fertilize the soil around your trees’ bases to ensure that it will get all the essential nutrients. A dearth of nutrients is oftentimes the reason why trees wilt or contract plant diseases. That is why fertilization is necessary.

Another tested and proven way that we can implement to take care of your trees is trimming or pruning. Tree pruning allows your trees to absorb the sunlight and water better. Also, it also helps us eradicate the parts of your trees that are infected with any type of plant disease. There are, indeed, several ways to take care of trees. All of which our staff is extremely skilled in.

So to keep your trees looking vibrant and healthy, book the tree care service of Harris Tree Service. Call us now at (260) 239-6571 or visit our office in Portland, IN.


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