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Professional Tree Moving in Portland, In

When deciding to clear a property with a tree in it, you may face legal repercussions. The state protects the trees from illegal removal and cutting. If you want to use the property where the tree is in, move it instead. Tree moving is an ideal step because you can transport the plant without breaking the law.


If done correctly, you can repurpose the tree. You can use it to shade open areas or provide a cool breeze in humid parts of your property.


It is important that you go for a professional tree contractor. Moving a tree isn’t a simple task. You need a qualified arborist to uproot the plant without damaging its roots. The health and life of the tree rely on the correct method of moving it. Prying the tree off from the soil will stunt the tree’s growth. If you don’t want a dead tree on your hands, turn to a professional for help.


Harris Tree Service is a company that provides different tree services. Avail of our tree service if you are looking for the right help. Located in Portland, IN, we have years of experience in the industry. We possess good knowledge in tree handling and utilize industry-grade tools to do it.


We have a team of contractors who will help you plan and move the tree with ease. Professional assistance is a good investment because of the quality results. We know the importance of a deadline. We work efficiently to transport the plant to another location.


Why wait for months on end to move the tree? Choose our company and we’ll do it right away. You can book our tree contractor by dialing (260) 239-6571. Speak to our representative so you can get a service date. We are open Mondays to Saturdays to service your property.


Work with a team that values speed and professional results. Avoid service providers that choose to bend the rules to get what you want. Choose Harris Tree Service for all your plant moving needs. You can visit us at our office in Portland, IN to learn more about the process.


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